I'm a Finnish born student, currently studying in an upper secondary school in Helsinki, Finland. I've played games since I was a little toddler, so it's been very natural for me to work around gaming. When I was about 10-11 years old, I started learning website coding by myself. Since then I've coded "on-off", by creating multiple websites for my friends. I've also done other projects and some websites for clients. I've completely by myself learned how to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript (+ jQuery) and PHP. I've always enjoyed coding and developing overall. Actually, all projects have been very interesting to me. I've always been a leader type of a person. I've always been the main guy who plans most of the projects. I speak Finnish and English fluently, and understand Swedish quite well. I speak Swedish semi-fluently as well. English has always been natural to me, since I have those gamer tendencies. In the other hand, I've studied Swedish since I was 7 years old, but the first 6 years were very "forced" for me, so I didn't find it very interesting. Now I wish I would've studied it more actively. I was born in Helsinki, Finland, where I've lived my whole life. In the future I look forward to coding actively and maybe even making a living of it.